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Welcome to Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd!


Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd grew out of an obsession with daylily plants as we organically grow hundreds of varieties to sell locally each year! Like many in my family, I am inspired by the beauty and peacefulness found in the garden.  In 2007 with my children in school and heartbroken that we were not going to have more, I began the adventure of natural soap making in hopes of improving my sensitive skin and saving my sanity during the winter months when I couldn't garden... 

Many years later, my family and friends are still some of my best product testers and, like my children, my little business has grown up too. All of our products are all natural, vegan friendly, cruelty free and hand-crafted using carefully sourced ingredients from trusted suppliers and my own recipes that are thoughtfully formulated to be gentle and good for your skin. 

Soap making is a lot like cooking… everyone has their own style and there can be a big difference from one to another. I am a purist at heart... you won’t find any artificial fragrances or colors, instead there are naturally beautiful colors from organic herbs and spices and therapeutic grade essential oils that offer plant benefits as well as gentle scent. Many people who are not able to use artificially scented products are pleased to find that our scented varieties are gentle enough to use! If you are turned off by strong, perfumey scents and artificial colors but are searching for high quality, all natural products that you (and your skin!) can feel good about using, our products are a perfect fit! 

All of our products are carefully hand-crafted in small batches and our hand-milled soaps are lovingly handmade, twice! First, I make a cold-process soap using my own recipe of organic vegetable oils and butters and organic coconut milk. The recipe is gentle and good for your skin; it lathers well, has a silky-smooth texture, and it hand-mills beautifully! Next, this soap is grated by hand and re-melted (hand-milled) adding in any additional ingredients. Then it is sliced into bars and dried for at least three weeks before being packaged and ready for sale. It takes much longer to make it this way, but we think you will agree it is well worth it! The end result is a very long-lasting, gentle and wonderful bar of handmade, hand-milled all natural soap! 

I love what I do and consider my customers like family. Good business is about so much more than making a profit; please feel welcome to contact me with any questions that you may have and I will be happy to help. With so many choices in skin care, I appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you. We hope you will become a part of our growing family!

Most orders are shipped the next business day via USPS Priority Mail to arrive quickly (usually 2-3 business days after shipping) and all packages include tracking and insurance up to $50. If we happen to be out of stock on one of the varieties you selected, we will email you as soon as possible to let you know when more will be available or for you to select another variety.  We take care to pack orders carefully to avoid damages, but please note that some of our products will melt at high temperatures (lip balms, body butters and solid lotion bars); please take care when ordering these products if they may be subject to high temperatures (above 90 degrees) during shipping as we are not responsible for damages that occur during shipping. Products are best when used within one year of date of purchase. We also love including "Surprise Gifts" with every order and hope you will enjoy it too!

We also welcome you to come and visit our flower gardens during the summer months as we grow over four hundred varieties of daylilies and hundreds of other perennials too!  July is always peak bloom time for the daylilies and we have quite a bit of color during May, June and August too!  If you would like to take home daylily plants to add to your own garden, we offer hundreds of varieties of daylilies for sale at $5 each, and if you buy 5 you are welcome to choose a 6th one for free!  Our plants are state inspected and generously sized to bloom well the first year.  We truly enjoy our customers and are happy to have complimentary iced tea and homemade cookies available most of the time!  Please call or text (330-842-4299) or email ( to let us know when you would like to stop by as we would love to have you visit and wouldn't want to miss you!  If you don't hear back from me soon, please try again... unfortunately sometimes voicemails get "lost" somehow!  Thanks for understanding!



Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we hope you enjoy your time with us ...